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If you need professional installation or maintenance of fiber optic services, Challenger Technologies, LLC is here to assist you. Our services include fiber optic system design, installation, and repair. Whether you require aerial cable installation, underground cable installation, or cable engineering, we have the expertise to meet your needs. From indoor building setups to outdoor point-to-point installations, we are dedicated to addressing all your ITS (Information Technology Services) requirements. 


Challenger Technologies, LLC being a small business, offers the advantage of flexibility, adaptability, and personalized attention that many businesses, municipalities, schools, and organizations often seek but may not find with larger companies. We understand your unique needs and strive to provide tailored solutions.


  • Multi- and single-mode fiber optic installation within buildings for robust networks

  • Extending networks beyond normal distance limitations

  • Point-to-point connections between buildings

  • Engineering services for long-haul ISPs and small businesses

  • Route engineering, permits acquisition, and cable installation

  • Aerial or underground construction options

  • Network mapping and design services

  • Planning, drafting, and permitting for projects of any size

  • Building drawings with network drop locations

  • Aerial or underground route drawings (Plan view or Profile view)

  • Small to large-scale projects

  • New installations and existing system maintenance

  • Comprehensive documentation of systems



Ray M.
Manager, Operations Technology

“I have come to rely on Challenger for all of the Boards fiber needs. Their work is truly exceptional, delivering outstanding results every time. Not only do they consistently meet and exceed expectations, but their commitment to providing prompt emergency service sets them apart from the competition. Their dedication to customer satisfaction, combined with their expertise in fiber engineering and construction, makes them our go-to fiber company."

Sarah S.
Sales, Marketing, and Contract Managment

"PC Solutions has been working with Challenger Technologies for years and have the utmost confidence in their level of professionalism and work quality. They stand behind their work and have come through for us in times of need, being flexible for changing deadlines and schedules."

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