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It's that time of year again, when we reflect on all of the things that happened in 2016.

We purchased a building at the end of 2015, and after three months of renovations, we moved in early April.  No more boxes left to unpack.  We now have a real warehouse with lots of parts!  I can't help but wonder where we kept everything at the old building.  If you are in the area, please stop by and visit.

We now offer a lower-priced security camera system for businesses, schools, and townships.  Sorry, we do not offer residential security systems.  We have several other cameras up around our office, and are impressed with the video quality.

We had a good year this year, as we hired two more field technicians and continue to grow.  We also have a new shiny bucket truck that is getting plenty of use.  We upgraded some of our fiber equipment that was wearing out, such as the fusion splicer.  We now have three splicers that we can use to shorten the down-time on fiber cuts and maintenance.  The guys always like new toys to play with.  Our ability to do these things is only because of you, our customer.  Without recommendations and referrals from you, we wouldn't have the added resources available to improve on how we serve you.

Rick and I feel that we have some very exceptional employees.  We feel that they are an extension of ourselves.  They take pride in their work and represent Challenger in a very professional manner.  For that, Rick and I are very grateful.  Without them, we wouldn't be going into our 17th year in business and where we are today. 

I hope you had a great year and we look forward to working with you again in 2017.

On behalf of Rick and I, and our staff, we would like to thank you for your business.  We know that you can always find someone else that does what we do, but you chose us, and for that, we are very thankful.


Carl Wesolek